Portfolio Companies

We invest in high growth, post revenue technology companies (over £1m annually) in a range of industry sectors where we believe the potential for significant capital growth exists, and where we can offer strategic hands-on support to help facilitate growth through to a successful exit.

Please see short introductions to some of our portfolio companies below to learn about what they do and how they do it.

For more information on any of our investee companies please contact us.

Current Fund Companies

Interview with

John Warburton, Founder & CEO

Sector  –  Insure Tech
Website  –  www.konsileo.com

Konsileo Limited is a new model B2B commercial insurance broker for UK SMEs, using technology and data to improve operational efficiency to empower brokers and improve the customer experience. It delivers high quality, data derived, risk management and insurance advice to clients in a consistent, efficient way.

Interview with

Mark Bembridge, CEO

Sector  –  Advertising Tech
Website  – www.smartology.net

Smartology is a digital advertising technology company providing a platform that is a key distribution channel for some of the world’s largest brands via global premium media owners.  The platform semantically profiles their clients’ branded content and dynamically serves these advertisement units alongside relevant premium media owners’ content (articles), thus consistently achieving record levels of user engagement.

Interview with

Jeremy Duckworth, CFO

Sector  –  Education Tech
Website  – www.kortext.com

Kortext Ltd provides an educational content platform comprising e-textbooks, from all key academic publishers, and required course material for universities. Kortext has been developed to integrate with the university’s learning environment and provide interactive use of resources.

They are the only UK based, publisher-independent, digital content learning platform that can deliver digital textbooks in a secure environment, that is acceptable to the publishers, from a Digital Rights Management (“DRM”) perspective, and Universities, from a user experience perspective. 

Interview with

Emily Forbes, CEO

Sector  –  Video Collaboration Tech
Website  –  www.seenit.io

Seenit’s video collaborative platform allows businesses to produce efficient, high impact video at scale with distinctly different uses and outcomes. Seenit helps businesses create content by crowdsourcing video from anyone, anywhere. From employees to fans, customers to colleagues, Seenit lets businesses engage, and create with their community.

Interview with

Sally Duckworth, Chairman

Sector  –  Enterprise Software Tech
Website  – www.stormagic.com

StorMagic provides software for data storage, acceleration and security for geographically dispersed companies.  Their storage and security products are simple, lightweight and cost-effective without sacrificing enterprise-class features for organizations with one to thousands of sites. 

Interview with

Dominic Hazlehurst, CEO

Sector  –  Navigation Tech
Website  –  www.livingmap.com

Living Map Assets Limited provides hyper accurate positioning technology for large and complex indoor spaces, as well as the related digital mapping and location data services. The platform allows the space owner to retain control of its location data, improve efficiency, reduce costs and generate revenue. The Company has developed a fully integrated SaaS solution that provides hyper accurate, intelligent real-time digital mapping solutions for complex indoor environments.

Interview with

Jason Elliot, CEO

Sector  –  Internet of Things (IoT) Tech
Website  –  www.lightwaverf.com

A leading supplier of smart home solutions for the remote control and monitoring of light, heat, power and security through a wide variety of devices via only one app. It designs, develops and manufactures these devices and has recently launched Generation 2 which is part of the Apple HomeKit offering. 

The Company provides a range of intelligent light switches, radiator valves, power sockets and sensors that are DIY retro-fitted without re-wiring. The products are proven and robust, with over 46,000 global installations and over 400,000 connected devices.

Interview with

Chris Holt, CEO

Sector  –  Crisis Management Solutions Tech
Website  – www.chcglobal.co.uk

CHC Global is an insurance intermediary and risk advisor with international reach. The company focuses on crisis management consulting and insurance in areas such as, terrorism, kidnap and ransom and cyber security. They help clients to understand, manage and transfer their risk exposures in the most effective way. In conjunction with their partners, their focus is protecting their clients’ most important asset: their people.

They have significant experience of helping clients from a wide range of industry sectors.  Their focus is on threats which generate crises, or environments which present significant duty of care challenges.  They deliver advice, special risks insurance, data and analytics.

Interview with

Stanley Buchesky, CEO

Sector  –  Education Tech
Website  –  www.pi-top.com

Ceed Ltd (trading as pi-top) is an award-winning manufacturer of computers and software aimed at STEM subjects and conceived to teach students to code. Their gamified and learn-to-code software, is designed to make coding simple, affordable and fun. The Company has shipped over 83,000 products to date via multiple distribution deals and has a steadily increasing number of contracts across the world; so far, the products are used in more than 1,500 schools impacting over 300,000 students.

Interview with

Mat Clothier, CEO

Sector  –  Cloud Tech
Website  –  www.cloudhouse.com

Cloudhouse – Deloitte, UK Technology Fast 50 2020, Winner – is the complete migration solution for computer applications. It is designed to identify applications incompatible with the cloud and to enable virtualisation of otherwise incompatible applications. Clients can move all their legacy and incompatible applications to any modern Windows platform with no code changes. No need to upgrade, refactor or recode. On the desktop. On server. In the cloud.

Interview with

Tim Antos, Co-Founder & CEO

Sector  –  Sleep Tech
Website  –  www.uk.kokoon.io

Kokoon Technology Limited operates in the Health and Wellness industry and has built hardware and software to address the sleep deprivation epidemic. It operates in the rapidly growing Sleep Tech market and has developed a leading proprietary software and technology licensing platform. In cooperation with Philips, the founders have also developed the world’s thinnest earbuds, the Sleep Headphone, which have been optimised for comfort, encouraging sleep, and is integrated with the Kokoon platform.

Interview with

Quintus Liu, Founder & CEO

Sector  –  Health Tech
Website  –  www.healthera.co.uk

Healthera Ltd is a B2B SaaS medication management platform that empowers pharmacies to manage and monetise customers more effectively and efficiently. They do this through offering pharmacies the Healthera Connect platform allowing them to manage their patients, market additional products/services to them, track and order their medication and prescriptions, and offer customer-paid delivery/click and collect services. For consumers, the Healthera app allows them to manage the ordering of medication, measure and improve medical adherence, book service appointments, and order health products.

Exited Fund Companies

Sector  –  Financial Tech

Fairstone Group Limited is an IFA consolidator using a technology platform and centralised back office to maximise adviser efficiency. During the investment period, funds under administration grew from some £100m to £8bn.

Investors initially exited in May 2016 with investors receiving an average 1.9x ROI (excluding tax relief).  At that point, Committed Capital re-invested into Fairstone alongside Synova Capital.

We exited again in February 2021, with investors receiving an average 4.6x ROI (excluding tax relief).

Sector  –  Financial Tech

TradeRiver Finance Limited is an innovative online trade finance provider.

Investors exited in March 2015 with investors receiving an average 2.02x ROI (excluding tax relief). 


Sector  –  Gaming Tech

FSB is a leading Business to Business sports and internet gaming technology supplier. Using a SaaS business model, the company offers end-to-end sports betting and internet gaming solutions including data and pricing feeds, a proprietary sports betting software platform, fully managed trading services and more.

Investors exited in July 2019 with investors receiving an average 2.71x ROI (excluding tax relief). 


Sector  –  E-Motor Tech

Saietta Group is an established engineering company based in Oxfordshire. It specialises in propulsion motors for a broad range of electric vehicles (EVs) and has engineered break-through, patent-protected, axial-flux motor tech. It is branded AFT (axial flux traction) and is modular in design, meaning high and low voltage e-motor solutions can be provided from scooters to buses.

Investors exited in March 2022 with investors receiving an average 2.3x ROI (excluding tax relief).

Sector  –  Education Tech

Knowledgemotion Ltd (trading as Boclips) provides schools and universities with curriculum consistent, rights cleared short educational video content. It licenses video content from some of the world’s most respected content producers such as TED Talks, Bloomberg, PBS, Reuters, The Economist, YouTube EDU and XinHua, China’s official state news agency.

Investors exited in June 2022 with investors receiving an average 1.8x ROI (excluding tax relief).