Knowledge-Intensive EIS Fund

The Committed Capital Knowledge-Intensive EIS Portfolio Service is an HMRC approved fund offering investors quick deployment within 3 months of the fund close date, and an opportunity to invest into a portfolio of 6-8 actively managed, growth stage, post-revenue (over £1m annualised) technology companies, whilst also benefitting from the availability of the generous tax reliefs afforded by the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Investment Objectives

We are a growth stage venture capital investor, and our investment strategy has remained unchanged since 2001.

We invest in best in class high growth, EIS qualifying post-revenue technology companies (over £1m+) in a range of industry sectors where we believe the potential for significant capital growth exists, and where we can offer hands-on support to facilitate and accelerate growth before ultimately helping identify potential exit opportunities.

Our primary objective is to create attractive returns for investors from high quality investments, through the careful selection of potential investee companies, excellence in corporate finance skills and active support of portfolio companies.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is based on the principle of offering support to portfolio companies to unlock and accelerate profitable growth. In analysing potential investee businesses, we look for rapid growth in the underlying market and a technology and business designed to accelerate this growth.

Our investee companies must have a clear and compelling product or service offering, be fully formed, and have strong management. These factors are established during an exhaustive due diligence process.

Investments are selected based on the following criteria:

Dynamic Market – substantial fast growing addressable market with low competitive intensity

Well-Positioned Company – strong management team, robust forecasts for rapid growth over the investment period and clear potential for exit.

In-Demand Product (or service) – fully commercialised, addressing a clear market need, with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Post-Revenue – generating significant sales of over £1m annually.

Investor Protections – a significant minority (often 20-40%) of the equity sought, and a board seat and investor rights required.

HMRC Advance Assurance – this is required before deployment of capital.



Key Features

Minimum Subscription

Target Return
2-3x ROI (excluding tax reliefs)

Quick Deployment
We aim to invest subscriptions within 3 months of the fund closing, into a portfolio of 6-8 companies.

Opening / Closing Dates

Committed Capital Knowledge-Intensive
Opening Date – 1st July 2024
Closing Date – 30th September 2024

Committed Capital Knowledge-Intensive
Opening Date – 1st October 2024
Closing Date – 4th April 2025

HMRC Advance Assurance
We always ensure this is received before capital is deployed.

EIS 5 Certificate
As this is an HMRC approved fund, you will receive one EIS5 certificate shortly after we have deployed the Fund, rather than one EIS3 certificate for each company that you would receive in an unapproved Fund.

Regional Investors
We seek out innovative, high growth investee companies throughout the UK.

Exit Strategy
The intention is to exit within 4 to 5 years of monies being invested via trade sale, IPO, or where appropriate, a sale to a strategic investor.

Historically our exits have been achieved through a trade sale or sale to a strategic investor. More recently, sales to financial investors have also been completed.


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