Fast Track Fund LLP

The Committed Capital Fast Track Fund LP Fund (the “Fund”) aims to generate attractive returns from investments in UK based, post-revenue (over £1m), growth stage technology companies with a clear route to profitability and exit.

Investment Objectives

The objective of Fastrack is to pursue its proven strategy of active investment in high growth UK technology companies in order to create superior financial returns for investors.

Investment Strategy

The Directors believe that the UK is extremely well positioned for investment in growth stage businesses. Our new fund, Fastrack, will be well placed to invest in substantially de-risked but high growth tech companies.

Our investment strategy is based on the principle of offering support to portfolio companies to unlock and accelerate profitable growth. In analysing potential investee businesses, we look for the following throughout our process:

Dynamic Market – substantial fast growing addressable market with low competitive intensity

Well-Positioned Company – strong management team, robust forecasts for rapid growth over the investment period and clear potential for exit.

In-Demand Product (or service) – fully commercialised, addressing a clear market need, with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Post Revenue – generating significant sales of over £1m annually.

Investor Protections – a significant minority (often 15-40%) of the equity sought, and a board seat and investor rights required.

If successful, the fund will typically invest £3-5m in companies with enterprise value of between £10m and £30m.


Key Features

Minimum Subscription
£100,000+ (UHNW), £1,000,000+ (Institutions)

Target Return
3x ROI

English Limited Partnership structure managed by the General Partner Committed Capital Financial Services Limited.

Equity or near equity investments in the most promising innovative high growth technology SMEs throughout the UK.

Planned initial closing in Q1 2024 with commitments in excess of £50m; final closing Q4 2024 with commitments up to £100m.

Investment period
Within 3 years of final closing.

Fund life
8 years, with 2 year tail off.

Made upon sale or IPO of underlying investee companies. Historically our exits have been achieved through a trade sale or sale to a strategic investor. More recently, sales to financial investors have also been completed.

General Partner Investment
A minimum of 1% of the Funds total capital commitments


Fast Track Fund LLP Fees

Please see below for details of the fund charges.

Management Fees

2% on capital committed, paid quarterly in advance to year 6, then 2% of invested capital.

Hurdle Rate

6% – structured as a “soft hurdle”

Performance Fee

20% subject to the “soft hurdle”. The performance fees will only be applied if the Fund returns are greater than the “soft hurdle” rate of 6% annually.

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